Bambooless Matchbox Incense - Selection of Themes To Encourage & Inspire

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Bamboo-less mini incense sticks from The People's Project, housed in a novelty 'matchbox'. Insert a stick in the small metal ring in the lid, and allow the fresh fragrance to infuse any space. Perfect for travel. Use only under supervision. Why not post one of these little packets of encouragement to someone you care about?

Choose from:

  • be loving - All You Need Is Love, Love Is All You Need
  • be curious - Ideas Come From Curiosity, Thirst For Knowledge
  • be awake - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
  • be positive - Life Is Like A Camera: Focus On What's Important, Capture The Good Moments, Develop From The Negative Things And, If Things Don't Work Out, Take Another Shot
  • be thankful - Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart
  • be free - Life Is A Beautiful Ride
  • be a believer - Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear
  • be happy - Do More Of What Makes You Happy
  • be simple - All Good Things Are Wild And Free
  • be silly - Photo Booth: Grab A Prop & Strike A Pose

Approx 30g per pack

Made in India.