Java Batik Patchwork Runner 150x35cm

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Made in Yogyakarta, Java with artisan patchwork skills passed down the generations. This beautiful hand-made batik patchwork will bring luxury and warmth to any home. Lovingly finished to a high standard you will love the beauty and details of this traditional craft product. Two sizes of cushions, a luxury bedspread and runners all combine to make a homely display. The runners (in different sizes) can used on top of beds or as a home style feature on the dining table or sideboard.

Stunning and beautiful art created by stitching individual pieces of fabric with different colours and patterns together. Batik Patchwork Runner is perfect for bringing a positive energy and cultural experience to any space. Great as a table decoration or wall hanging.

Size approx. 35x150cm
Made from Java Batik Patchwork.
Made in Indonesia.