Natural Stone Tealight Holder

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A gift or a calming addition to your home that is pure, simple, natural, beautiful and useful! Made by artisans in the Philippines, who take beautiful, natural stones and add a perfect hand-carved hole just right for a tea light. Each one is unique.

FAIRTRADE: Fifteen employees work in the factory and five more from their own homes and occasionally sub-contractors are brought in too. All of the products they make are handmade and the team of workers are very passionate about their work and enjoy solving problems. They treat each other with courtesy, care and consideration and are supportive of one another, contributing greatly to the success of the business. Throughout the day employees are provided with snacks, and they are all entitled to SSS (Social Security System) as well as loans if required. The company like to get involved with local community trade shows and are proud to be the only company in the Philippines that produces candle holders from natural stone.

Dimensions: approx W:8.5cm D:7cm H:5cm