Three Wise Monkeys Set Of Figures

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Set of three wise monkeys: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

As featured at the Shinto shrine at Nikko. The monkey is extremely important in the Shinto religion, as it is believed to be the messenger of the Hie Shinto shrines, which also have connections with Tendai Buddhism. Important festivals are celebrated during the Year of The Monkey (occurring every twelve years), and a special festival is celebrated every sixteenth year of the Kōshin. 'The Three Mystic Apes' (Sambiki Saru) were described as "the attendants of Saruta Hito no Mikoto or Kōshin, the God of the Roads". The Kōshin Festival was held on the 60th day of the calendar, during which one's bad deeds might be reported to heaven unless avoidance actions were taken! The three mystic apes are thought to represent the things that one has done wrong in the previous fifty-nine days. We use them in a different way: as a reminder for future conduct!

Quality hand-finished, Fair Trade product. Made from resin, with a similar weight and feel to soapstone.

Size: H 8cm